Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall all around

Here it is the middle of October and something in my UFO basket got done!  Just in case you've never heard
of the term UFO in sewing/quilting.  It means: Un Finished Object

My son's quilt needed some mending, again.  So I had to whack off a row from the top and the bottom of his quilt.  I cut off all the binding and rebound the entire thing.  Though it's about a foot shorter, it looks great and he will get a few more years out of it.  He's decided to use it as a throw on top of his bed.  I'm glad.

Months ago I decided to nix the house block for my row quilt.  So, I found this teacup in a friend's
book and gave it a go.  What do you think of this one? 
This is a black and white poppy quilt I almost have finished.  It's less than 30" square, so it won't be too hard to machine quilt.  This picture looks kinda funky because of the available light in the room.

My UFO basket still has fall leaf blocks waiting to
be put together from .....uhh.......9 years ago?....
yes, I will say 9 years ago.  Ugghh.
I guess for me, it's a slow boring process.  But, I am
confident that one day everything will be done. 
Hope you're meeting deadlines, sewing like mad, and quite possibly adding and subtracting from your UFO pile like me.  ;o)