Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes I need to just take a break from creating and clear my mind so something new will come about.  I've tried different ways to clear my mind; exercise (jogging), yoga and stretching, meditation,
hiking, photography, unplugging from all types of technology (which by the way, works very well), and simply deep breathing.  All of these are good at de-stressing and sometimes I end up with my mind racing with new ideas.  I keep a journal close at hand so I can document these new ideas.  And yet, most times if I just start on an idea or technique and let my mind wander, I can come up with a piece that is very pleasing like this one....just a few scraps, a little thread and viola! 

A Walk in the Woods


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Crosses Baby Quilt

Here it is, finally.  It doesn't normally take me so long to make a small quilt.  However, taking my time has paid off and I'm quite happy with the outcome.   I used Rainbows varigated thread for the alphabet quilting and white Masterpiece cotton for all the rest. 

Now on to other things. In the evenings I like to sit and crochet.   I've started crocheting some placemats for my DS.  They are easy to do using cotton yarn with a size K (6.5) hook.  I have completed this one and have 3 more to complete.  The next one will be dark olive green with light blue. 

Cleaning up my studio today so I can move on to the next project.   I will go into my UFO basket and ressurect the oldest one to work on, maybe even complete.