Monday, January 12, 2015

Clean the Slate (Wipe Board)

Claddagh Ring Applique class

I keep a wipe board and a large pin-up board in my studio where I constantly add projects to the list or drop projects as and when they are completed.   I also keep a journal of the ongoing ones so if I have to set them aside I can refer back to my notes/journal and refresh my memory on the initial direction taken.  This is a tremendous help to me as I have too many UFO's and ideas for new projects.  Also on my bookshelf are 6 large 3-ring binders full of patterns, ideas, information, clippings and techniques to try for future indeavours.  When I get stuck for what to do next or need some information, this is the first place I start looking. 

Metallic Thread Class

The Internet is good if I have a large block of time to spend, but that doesn't happen too often.  I tend to be old-school and on the less technical side of life.  I like it that way, it gives me time to breathe and expand my mind, troubleshooting a problem and making things suit the need, rather than going directly to a factory made pattern followed to the tee.   This has always been my process and I find it funny that the newbies to the  quilting scene  call it "MODERN".  Having said that, and I hope I didn't offend anyone here, it is not intentional, I am a member of a MODERN quilt guild and quite like it, however it is not a new or Modern concept.  But, if you had to put a name to the different paths of processes, I suppose MODERN is as good a name as any.  

Garden Ladder Inprovisational wall-hanging
I would consider myself an Improvisational Modern Quilter and have always been right from the very start.  My first ever quilt teacher was not impressed with my way of doing things, and I can't really blame her afterall, but it is just my nature, again, not intentional.  I did learn a lot from that class and hundreds of books and classes afterwards. 

Thread Class scissor case and needle book

I am a hands on person and make mistakes even now some 32 years later, but those mistakes turn out to be mostly pleasant surprizes. 

Slider Puzzle wall-hanging

By the way, all these quilts/projects were completed in 2014 from my UFO pile.  There are a few more, but I just wanted to share some of them.   Let's see what can be accomplished in this New Year?!  Happy Quilting.... ;o)