Friday, February 25, 2011

UGLY quilt

This is my ugly quilt.  While I was sewing it up, I wasn't too fond of it. But I put it away to the bottom of my UFO basket. Two and a half years later, I dug it out and laid it down on the floor,hence the odd angles of the picture. This is where I put all my quilts to ponder what to do next to them. It only took a few minutes to decide what to do for the borders and before I knew it, it was done. This quilt is a large full size bed quilt and not quite a queen.  Off to Juliet it went for her to long-arm quilt for me. I can't wait to get it back. I call it my UGLY quilt only because I don't think anyone would choose all these wild patterns and colors for one quilt.

My Friday quilt group is doing a challenge and is due in March.  It is a green and muslin/calico challenge.  I don't like the muslin part of it and am thinking about trying to paint, stencil, dye, or somehow change the look of the muslin.  The piece only has to be 6" X 24" which actually sounds like a table runner to me.  What else will I do with this when it's completed?  I also had a thought about trying the portrait technique and doing the three of us (DH, DS and myself).  The good thing about using the muslin is it's extremely cheap compared to better quilting fabric so if it doesn't turn out it can just go in the bin.  

The next quilt to finish in my UFO basket is this maple leaf wall hanging. These blocks were won 12 years ago when I belonged to a guild group.  Yes, 12 years ago.  After resizing each block I added the sashing strips and will machine quilt it.  There are no outer borders, I just don't think it needs anyting more.  Today I will sandwich and ready it for my machine. My DH didn't like the yellow leaf.  It's the unexpected element and gives it more interest, so it's staying as is.   ;o)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok, time for some pictures.  I realized that I haven't been showing you what I've been doing.
Friend's quilt - small wallhanging
This is the finished log cabin inspired quilt I talked about here.  My friend loved it and by the way, I wrapped it in zebra tissue paper with a big wired silver bow.

Pre-printed Valentine Postcards
  These are actually pre-printed fabric Valentine postcards that I embellished with stamping, pigma pens, stitches and buttons.  I hope they make it through the mail.  The only bad part about them is that the size is 5"X7" and I think that is just too large. 
I am still having some trouble on my row quilt which has been in my UFO pile way too long.  I have worked slowly on it and posted some of that work which is here .   The houses didn't look right so they're out.  I tried a teacup and don't like it so it's out.  Now what?   I will keep looking for some applique blocks or paper pieced blocks.  I've been trying to keep them all about the same size which is  + or -  51/2 " to nearly 61/2" square.  Please give me some ideas, links or whatever advise you can offer me.  I only wanted 2 more rows and then 2 outer borders.  I already know what I will do for those.  

Hugs and Hearts work in progress
Remember this one?  It was suppose to be a hugs and kisses, but if you notice I only have one X on this top.
I omitted the others because I thought they were just too dark and off.  The blocks are sewn into rows but the rest is just laying on my floor, I'm deciding on borders and/or applique in the borders. 

Love paper - pieced block
I found this cute little paper pieced block online.   Was thinking of a postcard, but it is a little large at nearly 6" square.  So, I will save this and use it in a future project. 
Yesterday I was working on my portion of the round robin my group is doing.  I am making flying geese blocks, so I have 1" half square triangles all over my workspace.   Maybe I just have too many things in progress?    But, at least it's forward progress.