Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok, time for some pictures.  I realized that I haven't been showing you what I've been doing.
Friend's quilt - small wallhanging
This is the finished log cabin inspired quilt I talked about here.  My friend loved it and by the way, I wrapped it in zebra tissue paper with a big wired silver bow.

Pre-printed Valentine Postcards
  These are actually pre-printed fabric Valentine postcards that I embellished with stamping, pigma pens, stitches and buttons.  I hope they make it through the mail.  The only bad part about them is that the size is 5"X7" and I think that is just too large. 
I am still having some trouble on my row quilt which has been in my UFO pile way too long.  I have worked slowly on it and posted some of that work which is here .   The houses didn't look right so they're out.  I tried a teacup and don't like it so it's out.  Now what?   I will keep looking for some applique blocks or paper pieced blocks.  I've been trying to keep them all about the same size which is  + or -  51/2 " to nearly 61/2" square.  Please give me some ideas, links or whatever advise you can offer me.  I only wanted 2 more rows and then 2 outer borders.  I already know what I will do for those.  

Hugs and Hearts work in progress
Remember this one?  It was suppose to be a hugs and kisses, but if you notice I only have one X on this top.
I omitted the others because I thought they were just too dark and off.  The blocks are sewn into rows but the rest is just laying on my floor, I'm deciding on borders and/or applique in the borders. 

Love paper - pieced block
I found this cute little paper pieced block online.   Was thinking of a postcard, but it is a little large at nearly 6" square.  So, I will save this and use it in a future project. 
Yesterday I was working on my portion of the round robin my group is doing.  I am making flying geese blocks, so I have 1" half square triangles all over my workspace.   Maybe I just have too many things in progress?    But, at least it's forward progress.

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