Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Present-ing a Quilt

My studio is always so cluttered and messy.  Yesterday, I spent a lot of time cleaning up and putting away so that today I can get in there and sew the day away.   I have to finish the friend's log cabin feel quilt and get it wrapped up.  How do you wrap your quilts for transport?  Whether it's going to the long-arm quilter or your
best friend across the street, how do you present it?   When my mother got her birthday quilt in the mail 4 years ago, she was surprized by a beautifully wrapped red foil box with red tissue covering her red and white wall quilt.  Of course, red is her favorite color, so I just had to go overboard with it.  She loved it. 

The poppy quilt in a previous post was presented to a friend who has since moved to Texas.  She was surprized with a mail tube covered in rose flowered gift wrap.  Inside I had rolled the wall size quilt to fit.   She loved it, and could easily mail it if she needed to. 

This will be my dilemma to present this quilt to my friend....any suggestions?  ;o)

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