Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rhodie show - June in Bloom

On entering Harlow Carr gardens, you are immediately greeted by splashes of color and drama.   I couldn't resist these beautiful Alliums or purple koosh ball flowers (as I call them). 
Onward through the kitchen garden, past the wildflower meadow, resisting the urge for a coffee in the garden tea room. 
No, my mission was to see the Rhodies in full bloom.

Last but not least, I saw this one but didn't see a Horti-tag on it and have no idea what it is.  If you know, please leave a comment.  Isn't it beautiful, though.  They look like little umbrellas.
I hope you enjoyed my Rhodie show.  Let's see what's in bloom in the next couple months.  

YoYo Quilt - Use up your scraps

My scrap bag has gotten out of hand.  It is enormous and one sure way to use up those scraps is to make a scrappy quilt.  One patch patterns are not only beautiful, but easy.  I've decided on making a YoYo quilt or coverlet. You don't have to calculate or even guess how many yoyo's you need for this type of quilt.   No need to go to the fabric store and find yards of fabric that all matches and spend hundreds of dollars.  Just pour through your scrap bag(s), cut some circles and start sewing.   One of the easiest quilts to make is a yoyo quilt.  It involves just one simple shape, a circle, any size you want.  However, once you've decided on a size, cut all your circles the same.  Using a quarter inch seam and a running stitch, sew around the raw edge whilst pulling tightly.  You don't need to purchase the clover yoyo maker either.  I have to say, I bought 2 different sizes of this gadget.  They work fine, but the better gadget to buy is the multi-sized acrylic circles.  These make marking or rotary cutting fast and easy.    After you've made about a thousand of these or more,  join them together where they touch each edge until you've used them all up or it has grown to the size you require.  There's no backing, no wadding or batting, no binding, and no quilting.    I dare say, it's really NOT a quilt at all.   Maybe you love to sew or keep your hands busy, but have never made a quilt before.  This is easy enough for the very basic beginner.   Give it a try, make a few and join them together to make a table runner or some mug mats to see if you like them.  You can find books on YoYo's and what to make with them.