Monday, August 12, 2013

Kansas Twister Quilt

Have you bought those cute charm packs of 5" squares, got them home and didn't quite know what to do with them?  My answer was to make a twister quilt.  The "Little Twister" template can be purchased at quilt shops and online.  I used 2 packs of charm squares as I wanted my quilt to be square.  Lay them out 9 across X 9 rows down - a total of 81 squares.   Be sure they are placed the way you want them as you can not switch them around later.  Ideally, you want a contrasting color difference on each side.   Choose a border fabric.  I chose a light bali print and a dark print for the final border and binding.  Sew the squares together using 1/4" seam allowance across each row, then sew the rows together.  Keep them in their order.  Add the light border and iron all seams.  The final border is added AFTER the squares are resewn.   Now you have a nice looking plain quilt top with a border around the edges.  The fun begins!  Take the twister template and place it on the lines indicated so that the corner of the top left square has 2 sides of border included in the square.  You will move across the top, marking and cutting the squares.  Follow the diagrams included in the template directions.   Keep the pieces in order and sew together one row at a time.  Mark each row or pin to your design board in order.  Resew all rows together and add the final border fabric to all edges.  Sandwich, quilt and bind.  Don't forget to add the label! 

Labels are more than just dating the quilt.  You want to take credit for all the hard work you've put into your quilts, so don't let someone else steel your work.  Include your full name, where you live, who it is for, the date completed, the name of your quilt or pattern name, a short dedication, optional information like fiber contents of all the elements used in the quilt.  I've added this information to some of my art pieces.  Labels can be plain or have elements added from the theme or pattern used in the quilt.   I make my labels by hand, but they can be eaisly printed onto treated fabric placed through your printer.  Don't forget to heat set whether you use a printer or hand paint them.  One last word about labels; sew them securely to the back (or front) of the quilt and if possible, put them on before the quilting so that the stitching is incorporated into the label.  I've heard stories of quilts being stolen and  labels removed.  If the quilting is throughout the label, this would be a difficult task.   Have fun ;o)