Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Year's Eve Challenge

I am taking part in Finns Challenge to finish your UFO's by New Years Eve. I have 4 projects picked out. There are two that will be harder for me to complete. She explains that "finish" is what you consider it to be like completed blocks, or a completed top, or all the way to a completed quilt. My projects are at different stages. So here is my list:

1) Civil War color/fabrics table runner. It is currently a top needing borders, sandwiching, quilting and finishing.

2) Country themed wall size. A partial top needing more blocks, borders, and embroidery. I want to complete it to the very end, so it will also need sandwiching, quilting and finishing.

3) Autumn leaves wall size or lap size. This is currently just a few completed blocks. They will need resizing, the addition of more blocks, sewn to a top, borders or no borders (I haven't decided) and then to a complete finish....I hope.

4) 30's Queen size Row Quilt. This is also a partial top needing more blocks, rows, and borders which I want to finish to a completed top. I will ship this one off to be quilted on a long arm.

Good luck to everyone whose joined in...... :o)

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