Monday, December 29, 2008

Short post

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas with loads of merry making and pressie giving.

We had some snow during the first week of December. Our front gate looks more inviting snow covered,so I had to start off my post with it. We didn't have a White Christmas, however.

This is our tabletop tree. Our livingroom is a bit too small for our big tree, so we'll store it while we live here. No problem....we have several small table size trees to scatter around the house, just to be festive.

I have a confession to make....I didn't get back to sewing up my UFO's, so I still have 3 to go before New Years Day. I was able to work on some blocks, but there's so much more to do. Maybe that's my problem, I am looking at the whole instead of one task at a time. It just feels like a mountain of work I can't deal with right now. I will continue to plug away at it slowly, just not before New Years is over with, sorry Finn.

Have a very Happy New Year everyone!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

that snow was beautiful, but brrrr. I can't decide what unfinished project I need to work on either and get nothing done... did make a small amount of progress yesterday though. just keep at it,little bit at a time.

Sharon said...

I made myself a list - I'm really good at making lists - and am trying to be realistic about what I can finish. I'm aiming for one or two old projects a month. Some of them just need quilting. However, it is still a daunting task.
I hope you've had a chance to get back in the sewing mode, now that the holidays are over. Just remember, no matter what, you can only sew one thing at a time! I know, I keep trying to do more than one at a time and just end up with a mess all over the room! Good luck!