Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bonnie Scotland

We had a fabulous holiday in Scotland. The weather was better than we expected, dry for the most part and partly cloudy most days. The Military Tattoo in Edinburgh was the absolute highlight of our holiday and it was the perfect day for it. Even the sun setting behind the Castle was spectacular.

As far as quilting interest goes, there is a lot going on this fall in the UK and Europe. Purchasing tickets beforehand will save you a couple quid. Go here to find out more.

Juliet sent me some wonderful fabrics for my birthday, thank you so much. Now I must find time to sew and quilt this fall.
My Schoolhouse block is still on hold. To solve my problem with the block it would involve a lot of ripping out or setting these aside and re-piecing the same block in a different layout of colors. I hate to rip out seams so now I am thinking about scrapping the entire block and choosing a different one. Possibly an applique block. I love the thistle picture at the top of this posting, so maybe I will play with that image a bit and see if it's something worth doing. I can't help thinking that I am turning this row quilt into a complicated nightmare and it has stopped me from sewing anything else. Have a good week everyone :o)

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Sharon said...

Lucky you to get to go to Scotland! It's on my Bucket List, for sure.

Wow, your dilemma with your row quilt is a problem. If it were me, I think I'd scrap that block, as I really hate to rip out and re-do. But don't let that bog you down. I understand about it making you come to a screeching halt - I've been there too. Just set those blocks aside and do something else for a little bit. Then come back to it with a "fresh eye". See if that helps.

That thistle pattern is wonderful and would be a beautiful applique.