Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost Fall

I always hate listening to people hurry the seasons away by saying things like "Fall's almost here", or "It's time to Christmas shop".   Oh for heaven's sake!  Can't we just enjoy each and every day as it comes?  I ignore these statements from people because maybe they just don't have anything else to say or they are anxious for the winter season to come again.  I am LOVING this summer.  We have done so many things since the start of the summer season.  Some of the highlights..... 2 open air Shakespeare plays, "As you like it" and "A Mid-Summer's Night Dream".   Both of these were excellent along with the picnics we packed for the events. 
We also spent a week in Scotland near Perth, Scone Palace, Balmoral Castle and stayed on Loch Tummel.  Beautiful area.  We drove up to Whitby and stayed for 2 days.  Love this seaside town.   All the gardens I've been to have been awesome!  I'm even impressed with my own garden this year.  It seems to be doing better than last year.  We're slowing down a bit for August, but we are planning some back yard barbeques, flea markets, more gardens, and going to Proms and seeing their fireworks this September.  I just hope it doesn't rain this year.  DH and I usually like to grab something for a "car picnic" and escape work for a while and just drive somewhere.  The weather could be good or bad, it doesn't matter with the car picnic.   

Whitby Bay
Whitby Abbey
I'm not sure what I've done wrong but my pictures don't want to center over the background.  I don't use blogger enough to know how to edit, I guess.  Sorry.  Anyway, my DH has had some laptop trouble so I haven't been able to download all the pictures I've taken.   These were from our Whitby trip.  I'll get some uploaded and try to post them soon.   Enjoy these nice llloooooonnnggg summer days.  I'm off to enjoy an icy A&W rootbeer, my favorite when it's HOT and sometimes I have to make it a float with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Yummy.   :o)

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