Thursday, August 19, 2010

Between the Moon and Mars

Last night my son told me to be on the lookout for Mars in the night sky.  It will be big and brighter than all the other stars but not quite as large as the moon.  So, DH and I headed outside in our PJ's and jackets (it was only 54 degrees Farenheit) and stared into the sky.  After scaring away the bats that fly around our house and hearing the two resident owls in the distance, all was quiet.  It was just gorgeous watching the twinkling stars with the occassional "falling star" which was actually a meteror shower.  We spotted Mars without the use of a telescope.  We recalled seeing the Hale-Bob comet years back with our telescope and what a fine night that was.  It's hard to see the night sky anymore.  There's just too many lights from cities and towns nearby, but I remember when..............

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