Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Camera Case - How to

I use a small Canon Power Shot camera and want a camera case to keep it from scratching and getting dirty.
Camera cases are a hard thing to shop for.  They always seem to be too large and bulky, not to mention expensive for what they are.  So, I made one.  It only took about an hour to complete and uses scraps of fabric.  

Use an outer fabric and a contrasting fabric measuring just over the size of your camera adding a flap to fold over the top of the case.  Measure your batting or ByAnnies lining the same size.  Mine measured about 10"X6".  With the lining between the two fabrics, place on your machine and quilt as desired to the edges.  I used a basic grid pattern and purple thread.  

Determine where the Velcro will go and pin.  Sew down, one half of the Velcro on the outer fabric edge and the other half of the Velcro on the inside fabric flap edge.  Do not sew too close to the edges.

Next lay the camera on top of your sandwich and trim slightly, remember you will need about 1/2 inch all around for the side seams.  Fold outer fabric to the inside just about 1/2 way so there will be enough for a flap and your camera will fit inside.  Pin and sew up the side seams.  Turn right side out.  Trim  the flap so that the seams from the sides do not curl the flap and when folded it lays flat.  This is just a slight trim.  

Cut your binding on the bias.  I cut strips 2 1/2 inches wide. Sew strips together and iron.  Fold in half length-ways and iron.  Make the handle strap the same way only folding one more time and sewing down the edge to make a smooth fine finish.  Pin the edge of the bias onto the bag and carefully pin all around.  Place the handle strap edge inside the edge of the bias strip.  Sew down carefully.  I hand sewed the inside edge as I thought it was a little fiddly getting the bag in my machine.  Hand sewing can hide a multitude of mistakes, too.  Not that you will have any!  Viola, you're done!  

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