Sunday, December 2, 2007

One more UFO

Ahh ha, I have finished the top and am so pleased. Glad I only took, in a matter of speaking, 5 minutes break from this then plowed right through to the end. If I hadn't listened to you all, I would have tossed it aside and moved on to something else. Thanks for not letting me rest. Now it is officially added to my UFO pile to be completed later. Could be only a day later or possibly up to years later. However, that won't happen as I am sure my New Year's resolution will be, once again, to finish all that I have started in the year. That doesn't mean I can't start something new. Otherwise how could I carry on my little tradition for New Years 2009??? AAHHH Hemm...

Anyway, here it is in all its glory:

I don't think I will add another border. Am thinking about just adding red binding after machine quilting it and calling it a day. This is undoubtedly the quickest top I've ever put together. Thank you, Tonya. You're a sweetheart. I have some more ideas kicking around in my head for the not too distant future. Like using your X's and O's in a kisses quilt for Valentine's day. Maybe in Chocolate and red colors like kisses candy. Possibly something with a 3-D effect to it as well. Quite a few years ago, I made some sketches in my book for a Nutcracker Suite quilt. Didn't get far with the idea, but your technique has sparked a few new elements I might develop further for that idea. This would be a good one to start around October 08!

We haven't seen sun here in days and days. I wish it would at least snow. Then we would have the illusion of some brightness in the day. It's a good day to work on some UFO's that are gathering dust bunnies and watching football. Come on, Lions, I know you got it in ya! My favorite player is of course, Jason Hansen, he's the only scorer at times (in case you're not up with football, he's the kicker). UUGGGHH, every year it's the same. Maybe your team will win today, good luck!


Rose Marie said...

Wonderful .... am so glad that you stayed with your theme and finished it! Bravo!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

You did great Sandy! Glad you kept plugging away at it, cuz it was well worth it. Can you post a pic etc over on the class blog too? that would be great.

Now start that quilting, don't just forget about it! you could have this done in days and up on the wall in no time to use if for this year.

sorry about no sun. We had a bit on Sunday for which I was very grateful. It drizzled all day yesterday. bleck.

Anonymous said...