Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sew, Sew, Sew

I am starting to get bored of this top. It's not taking shape like I thought it would. Maybe I will just set it aside for a while.

The houses don't look right. One of them has a side missing. Even though my husband likes the wrap-around window look, it just doesn't .......... to me. I am not trying to be perfect with this project. But, I would like to be proud of it. Otherwise, why finish it? It may just end up at the bottom of my UFO basket. My frustration level is rising, so for some relief I will just take a break. Maybe move on to some Christmas craft project.
I send my nephew handmade ornaments for Christmas every year. He is 10 now and it's getting harder for me to find a crafty ornaments that he would like. I've done beaded, felted, quilted, and folded star balls over the years so far. This year he is getting gingerbread men beaded ornaments. They were a lot of hard work. I can't tell you how many tiny seed beads I lost in the carpet and under the couch making these.
Speaking of my couch..........why do couches EAT everything that falls to the floor? It doesn't matter what it is. My couch likes the newspaper, beads, keys, bottle tops, you name it-- if it falls to the floor that couch will learch forward to grab whatever it is and roll it to the back near the wall. It sits back laughing and mocking me as I get on all fours searching for the lost items. If my husband is trying to find something, the first thing I ask him is "Did you look under the couch?, I think it fell on the floor". It's not funny, seriously.
I am in the middle of watching the X files season 6. I loved that show. Even if it was corny and unreal. Hey, what isn't these days. TV really stinks. My DH watches the reality TV shows. Come on, once you've seen one you've seen them all......too boring for me.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

you ARE being too perfectionistic! take a look at my houses quilts and you'll see all sorts of things like no siding on the house. do put it aside for awhile and I hope you love it when you go back to it.

I initially loved the X-Files, but it did go downhill. I got really tired of all that stupid "Mythology" stuff. stopped watching when Scully got pregnant. yuck.

søren said...

I want to see your gingerbread beaded ornaments! and I feel exactly the same way as Tonya about X-files. :)