Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah Day

It's time to clean my house today. Dirt and stuff everywhere, so I absolutely HAVE to clean up so I can sew tomorrow. I have gotten myself in a mess since last weekend. Let me explain. On the 3rd I put away the Halloween decorations and thought as long as I am in the storage room... get the Christmas decorations out. I always decorate early anyway so I can enjoy them and it puts me in a good mood, very festive. Well, I have literally 17 boxes of Christmas decorations, so they are everywhere. The three trees (fake) are up, but only 1 is fully decorated. The other 2 are naked with the ornament boxes surrounding them. My son put the garland on the stairwell along with a string of lights, so that looks marvelous. Guess I will just shuffle the boxes to be emptied against the wall and put away the empties for now. At least it will look like I cleaned. HaHaHaaaa!

My attention span must be getting shorter with old (er) age. I have 2 queen size quilt tops partially finished in my basket and oh, I don't know, maybe 5 or 6 wallhanging size tops in there as well. The projects I am more likely to finish are small mini quilts or postcard size quilts. I have way more fun in the designing process than any other except of course finishing the dang things.

This is a picture of a mini wall hanging I did last summer. I wanted to make it look like a framed picture with a white matboard and black frame......well, I like it ok.

Here is a close up.

So, will I be able to finish Tonya's Winter class? I am hoping to, but will not promise anything. I am so glad she has tutorials to follow or I would really be lost.

Back to the housework and dreaming the impossible (quilt) dream.


Lisa said...

that's really clever. I love the stitching you have done on it.

Søren said...

Hi! You are so sweet and YOUR work is beautiful! I've always wanted to be able to do that cool scribbly stitching. Can I move into this scene, please?