Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a couple months now.  It's been a chaotic summer and now fall.
However, I am working on my projects at a snails pace.  So I will update you on my progress as I finish things. 

I've gotten back into crocheting, I find it more relaxing than quilting, so after having just a couple odd balls of yarn laying around, I now have 2 storage tubs full of yarn balls with ideas rolling around in my head for projects to work on through the long winter days ahead.   This bag/purse is just one of the projects I've completed.
Crocheted bag with magnetic closure.  Wrapped suede leather handles with Owl print interior lining.  The handles were just cheap plastic sew on handles, but adding the leather strips took this bag to the next level.

Showing the inside of my bag/purse.  This bag is more durable than I thought it would be and because it is lined with a decorator weight fabric, nothing will poke through.  You can find the pattern for this and hundreds more projects here.

This is DH wearing a cap with matching mittens crocheted with jiffy yarn.  I am wearing a cowl crocheted with homespun.  I had to devise my own mitten pattern as I could not find anything I liked.   This is a set for a friend.   They fit close to the hand, as you can tell.  And, they are so soft and warm.  
Well, that's all I have for now.  With the bowling season underway and my 4 day/week 3 mile walks, I really am pressed for time away to work on what I love to do.  Maybe this is why I love to crochet.  I can stop in the middle of something and get back to it right away.  With quilting, I feel like I have to put things away and drag them out, clear off surfaces to work and cut and iron.  It's a major process.  But, I am not giving up on quilting......just taking a much deserved hiatus.    ;o) 

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