Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Hold

Yes, I've put everything on hold while we are getting ourselves geared up for moving house.   We've crammed every room with boxes and have started the process.  The house we are moving to is very nice and maybe a tiny bit smaller, but just the fact that it is a detatched house is enough for me.  Privacy and quiet is what we've always wanted and had until the new neighbors moved in 2 months ago.   So, we're leaving the semi-detatched and will no longer share walls with anyone!  Hoorah!  
I'm looking way back here and posting pictures of finished quilts that I promised to show.  I love this quilt.  It was so easy and fun.  Taken from the book "Tile Revival", you can find it at 
I find this one so adorable.  It's a charming adaptation from the book "Pink Lemonade and Other Delights".   I loved working with all the pinks and yellows in this cheerful quilt.
Did I show a close-up of this tumbling block before?  Can't remember, so here it is.  The machine quilting on this was extremely easy!  I used a roll of paper quilting designs called "Quilting Made Easy".  I purchased the rose patterned roll from Keepsake Quilting.   No marking is involved, all you do is measure the width of your top, cut the pattern and peel the tape from the top and bottom and stick it to the middle of your quilt sandwich.  This was a continuous line design, so no stopping or matching lines, just start off in the center as you normally would.  Sew to the end of the width, tie off and come back to the center and work out to the other side.   Keep adding rows until you've completed the quilt sandwich.  The mug mats I did also used one of the roses on the paper pattern sheet.   Paper piecing is easy as well.  No marking involved, and you can use pieces or strips from your scrap bag.  It may be a little messy with paper to tear off, but it is precise.   There are a number of websites with free paper patterns available.   Enough of a break, it's back to packing boxes for me.  Have a great day :o)


  1. I love that first quilt with all the squares and diamonds; it looks somewhat futuristic to me. Of course, I've always admired the skulls and roses fabric too.

    It'll be good to get away from those jerky neighbors and get some peace and quiet, to focus on more great quilting. Hope you have a good move!

  2. Sandy, I was wondering why you and Rich haven't been on Facebook lately- thought you might be traveling. Is your new house in the same area? I love these quilts, especially the first one! What a talent you have, Sandy. Enjoy the peace and quiet after the move. Miss you guys. Carole Gibson


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