Thursday, July 11, 2013

York - Anytime of year

Once you enter York, make your way near Bootham bar on St. Leonard's Pl. and go into the  (i) Information Visit York store. Pick up a free pocket map of York.  There are some great items and information leaflets on all the attractions to see in York.  There is also a video presentation in a separate room here. 

On my latest visit to York, I roamed the streets and found some good foodie spots.  You can't miss sights like the York Minster, the York wheel, the museums or walking on the city walls.  After a day's touring you will be delighted to find all sorts of good food places to go.  If you've picked up the food guide to York or a pub guide from the i store, use it to find all the great places. 
My favorite is Betty's.  I can't resist a good cup of tea and a fruit tart. 
This is called a Fat Rascal and has a sweet citrusy flavor with currents and almonds.  It has the texture of a scone or biscuit and is great with a cup of tea or coffee.  Betty's is celebrating its 30th Anniversary of the Fat Rascal this year. 
If you're craving pub food, there are several in the center of York.  My choice for traditional pub food with atmosphere is The Golden Fleece which has a ghostly reputation as well as being the oldest pub in York.  Along the way stop by one of the Chocolate shops or find out York's Sweet Story.
The market in the Shambles is always a good place to find fresh fruit and vegetables, house wares, clothing, meats and even craft items at reasonable prices.

The National Railway Museum is free and open everyday.
Maybe you'll want to do an evening ghost tour of the city.  These are popular and there are several to choose from.   Don't forget to go to the Quilt Museum.    Here's one more link to get you started.  ;o)

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