Sunday, March 1, 2015

Improv quilt

Just over a year ago, I searched for Modern Quilter groups online.  I found one and read about a talented author in need of test quilters.  Always wanting to challenge myself and learn new techniques, I got in touch with Sherri Lynn Wood. I was expecting her to turn me down to try the instructions out as I had contacted her after the deadline.  But she didn't, and promptly sent me all I needed to get started on the process.  All test quilters were given a few instructions she calls "scores" like in a musical score.  The whole process fit in to my way of creating, no patterns, no pictures and freedom.  The first thing I did after receiving my score was to put on some classical music which helped me to relax and let the creative juices flow.  
Once I got going on it, I didn't stop until it was finished.  This is unusual for me as I have basket loads of UFO's needing the finishing touches or are at different stages of completion. 
My quilt was not chosen to be in the book, but I wasn't even expecting to be able to test the score at all.  So, I am very happy with the outcome and I can't wait to try out all the scores in her new book,
"The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters", by Sherri Lynn Wood. 

My finished quilt is a small wall hanging measuring 29" square.
My interpretation of the Rhymthic grid score described in Sherri Lynn Wood's new book The Improv Handbook.

Close up of the test quilt which I have named, "Garden Ladder".  I used quilting pattern lines and one intersecting grid in one section. 


  1. Very pretty colors and nice quilting

  2. What fun to be a test quilter. Thanks for sharing your quilt here.

  3. This is such a sweet interpretation of the score. I like how you used your prints and solids so effectively, especially the floral print and how the white sections bleed into the solid white squares. There is a fresh simplicity to it. Great work! Thanks for being a part of the project!

  4. Hi I am here from Sherri's blog. I was also one of the test quilters. Yours turned out really nice.


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