Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mid-Winter Rambling

Wow, we're looking at a lot of snow this morning, 2+ feet!  Best thing to do today is just stay in and do some sewing.  Shovel a little later.

My DH's nephew and his wife are expecting baby #2 sometime in June.  There is a way to do "tumbling block" without "Y" seams, so I may give that a go for a baby quilt.  I still have plenty of scraps to use up.   

I love to do quick projects that are both pretty and functional like this pear pin cushion I made.  It is made from 6 different scraps of decorator fabric samples my friend gave me and scraps of leather for the stem and leaf.  It's stuffed with scraps of batting that would have been thrown away after trimming a quilt.   It's stationed on top of my moveable design wall board, which by the way, is made from a piece of rescued thick rigid foam core and covered with white flannel-like batting.  It was "rescued" from being trashed from a local business and measures 36" X 65".   It's one of my most important tools in the studio. 

Time to do a little clean-up in the studio and get to work on the next project.  ;o)

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