Saturday, February 27, 2016

Design Digress

I've sewed the squares together on the diagonal as I described in an earlier post.  Yes, it looks great, however I forgot all about the fact that sewing these together on the diagonal will reduce the overall size considerably.  I would say, around 30% or better.

The problem now is to try and increase the size of this baby quilt.  This being the center now only measures around 23" X 29".  I will need to increase by about 6" to 8" all around.  I thought about a pieced border and auditioned a few different blocks....didn't like it.  It became distracting from the center.  So ultimately, I just added 3 simple borders and will do some decorative quilting stitches. 
Here, I've got it pinned and ready to start quilting.  These borders increased the size to 33" X 38", which is a good size for a baby.  Not too large or too small and can be hung on the wall.  The backing fabric is the solid blue used in the middle border and I will work on a label to add later.  ;o)

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