Friday, March 3, 2017

Quilting - Blue Sapphire UFO

I just purchased a #15 foot for my Bernina.  Using the BSR feet are OK, however I wanted this foot to replace an embroidery foot that broke a few years ago on me (#29) which had a clear plastic oval presser.  So, I dug out a UFO waiting for machine quilting and went to town free-motion quilting the top with clear polyester filament.   My results so far are excellent and I love this foot.  

As you can see here I thread basted my sandwich together.  Big mistake, but I knew we would be moving and I wouldn't have time to quilt this right away.  It takes time to pick out the basting thread and sometimes can get stuck in the quilting stitches.  I usually pin baste tops I plan to machine quilt.  The pins can leave larger holes than needle holes, so I try to pin baste just before quilting, not letting the top stay too long with the pins.  Oh yes, I have done that before as well.  Big mistake...holes are unsightly, but most did disappear after a gentle washing if you are able to wash.  Personally, I don't recommend washing an embellished or art wall hanging.  

This quilt started out as an experiment.  The experiment (or challenge) is to make a perfectly circular piece and applique it onto a whole-cloth piece.   The pathway to the left was also a challenge in that I had to piece different blue fabrics in slashed bits that would meander like a path.  I used freezer paper to help me shape the pathway and cut it, then appliqued it onto the whole-cloth piece. The machine quilting is just free motioned, no planning, no marking...just whatever I fancy on the particular day I work on it.  
The round appliques have intersecting lines in a cobalt color polyester thread, so it gives off a sheen.  The pathway and echo next to it is also quilted with this thread.  

 Here is the back of the quilt so far...

After looking at these pictures, I'm thinking this needs another challenge.  Beading?  How about surface design interest like painting or stenciling?  I know, I've already started the quilting, but I wouldn't be saturating the top...and it's just to see if it would work.  It's an after thought, but it wouldn't have to look that way...or so what if it does, it may be a good thing.  This is just an experimental piece and it may turn out to be a work of art.  

I've made a commitment to myself to work on a UFO at least one hour everyday so I can possibly finish the projects in my UFO basket.  Maybe even by the end of the year.  So far, I've been able to keep this commitment, however warmer days are coming and the garden will need some attention soon.  For now, I am going to keep at it.  :o)  

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