Monday, June 25, 2012

IQFOI - part 3

The Garden exhibit.
As you entered the quadrangle at NUIG (National University of Ireland Galway) you were greeted with pots of fabric flowers like these.  There were all types from Poppies to Tulips and Pansy's.  These pots filled in spaces where the quilt stands and screens came to corners and on the ends.  It was a well thought out exhibit and it has to be my favorite of all the displays. 
This rose quilt was very impressive to me with precise applique and quilting.  The pieces didn't look flat like some applique can look, but I don't think it was trapunto. 
This quilt was unusual and 3 dimensional.  The quilting was also impressive with thread painting in the 3D butterfly. 

This is another 3D quilt.  The hydrangea petals looks so real but are actually fabric that has been fused and backed with a contrasting fabric and a bead in the center of the petals holds them onto the top.  I made a similar 3D hydrangea quilt for my sister for her birthday years ago however, I used french knots for the centers. 

This quilt was very creative as the river in the quilt flowed down the left side down the wall and onto the floor.  I had to crop this picture but there was another 3 feet to the end.  You can't see by the picture but on one of the fabric rocks was a frog, a dragonfly and butterflies.  These are only a few of the quilts from the garden exhibit. 

I will post part 4 soon which will be my final say about the festival. 

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