Friday, June 29, 2012

Stroll in the Garden

Yesterday was just glorious.  It's summer in England, so you never leave home without an umbrella no matter what the weather.  I decided to take a stroll through our local garden spot.  To my delight I was not disappointed.  With my umbrella in hand I set off .  As soon as I entered I was greeted with full shrubs like hostas, green grassy nooks and meadows and flowers in all their glory.  Here is just a sample of what I encountered.

Can you tell I am a purple lover?  When it comes to flowers I can't resist blue and purple.  Here in England the wind is never still.  It was challenging to take photos in the winds we've had and when I got home I was afraid only a few would actually be worth saving.  To my surprize, over 100 pictures and only 8 have been deleted.  I really do love my point and shoot Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, and of course, it's purple. 
Anyway, as I came up to the Kitchen garden I was in awe of how wonderful all the vegetables looked while taking in the aroma of blooming sweet peas.
So tempted to pick this lettuce and take it home.  It was all neat and tidy in raised beds.  I really love this way of gardening.  I think back to my mother's garden many years ago, it was a large garden and she used a roto tiller.  Our squash plants used to get so huge with big orangy yellow blossoms.  I doubt these beds would hold plants like squash or melons. 

As the pathway winds downhill you come upon a tiny cottage like building and today they had an art exhibition so I wandered through, bought a couple cards and started out the door when it started to downpour.  I waited in the doorway for a few minutes, then darted out with my umbrella to a nice greenhouse like enclosure.
Yep, even dodging in this space to avoid a few drops of rain was worth while.  It was serene.  The rain subsided in minutes and the sun started to shine through, so I exited this hidden jewel.  If I hadn't had 3 cups of coffee before setting out, I would have stayed here longer to enjoy some Betty's coffee.  Maybe another day.....
Along the path were just hundreds of foxgloves.  They are just beautiful.  I don't recall seeing all white before.  This one above was the only one among a sea of pink ones. 
The children that live in this area take field trips to Harlow Carr gardens and are very lucky as there is a teaching garden here along with a working garden, greenhouse and a library filled with books and publications about  vegetable plants, herbs, just everything having to do with gardening and horticulture.  There are adult learning programs as well. 

One final splash of purple before I go.  Off to get creative in my sewing room.  Maybe I've sparked some inspiration in you today?  ;o)


Ruth Morales said...

Thanks for sharing Sandy...I didn't know you liked purple so much. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looking at your pictures and reading your blog makes me feel like I'm back in England! Beautiful pictures, Sandy. Miss you! Love, Carole