Saturday, February 4, 2017

Singin' the Blues

Years ago, actually 30+...I told myself, "I will never ever, ever make another pink and blue color quilt.  Period."  Well, here I am.  Making a pink and blue QUEEN size summer weight quilt for my bed.  That was the original idea anyway, in a pseudo Kaffe Fassett style.  Why, I ask myself?   It's been lurking in my UFO basket for 8+ years.  I dug it out about a week ago and thought I had a clear vision for it.  But, now I'm staring at it and wondering....

Yeah, I know, it looks like a baby quilt.  I bought these fabrics from the Cath Kidston stores because I just love them, but together they look perfect for baby quilts.  What was I thinking? 
QUEEN?  Really? 
 I am not at a point of no return, I could give up here and complete it as is without further border work, so it could well be a baby size quilt.  Some one some where would love it, I'm sure.  

This is where UFO's go to die.  It seems there is always one lurking around gathering dust in my basket, as if smirking at me saying "you don't have the guts to finish me off, do you?"  Those old pepperami commercials come to mind here.  

My DH came in the room and suggested adding more blues.  He's right.....I am adding more blues to this whole thing than I need to.  I love blues.  It's my favorite color.  And music.  "No body gets outta this place without singin' the blues".  I suppose that's true with a lot of my quilts.  Not that I'm complaining about my process, it's more of a rite of passage, like the blues.  It's time to cut and run, I suppose.  If I keep pondering the issue, it will never become an FO, and how many more years would it linger on as a UFO?  

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