Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In the Midst of Chaos - Improv

In my last post I was sifting through my scrap bag.  I came across some orphan blocks and cut pieces from an improvisation project 2+ years ago.  The quilt I made was called "My Garden Ladder" which is on the right side bar of my blog page.  It was fun, but a little limiting as you are suppose to limit your color choices and stay away from wild prints.  Well, when I found the prints pictured above in my scrap bag and couldn't resist, I just had to revisit the improvisational piecing ideas only this time I still had a few boundaries, but didn't "plan" the whole quilt top layout.   The orphan blocks were placed onto my design board first, then strips cut roughly with scissors in different widths were placed around the blocks.  The large blue wild print was cut into rough squares and strips were sewed to 1, 2, 3 or all 4 edges.  You could mix it up or make them all the same, but I chose a completely mixed up and random order.  Composing the top by making rough squares sewn together to make rows, then sewing the rows together like a traditional quilt top.  Before sewing together the blocks and rows, I took a few digital pictures and made a few changes in layout.  This top only measures 20"X 35" and now I am contemplating borders or no borders.  I haven't thought about how I will quilt it yet, but since there is a lot going on in the wild fabrics, I will probably keep it simple either straight lines or wavy intersecting lines.

Wow, what a difference now in the amount of scraps left in my scrap bag.  Some scraps are too small to sew into blocks or even use for applique, so I may save them for a future small quilt using tiny cut bits under organza and thread painted over the top. Just like the post card quilt above (I have posted about this one before).  It will take a little time, but separating them into zip bags by color will help me save time later.  

The kennel quilts went in the mail last week, but I still have some cut strips leftover.  I'll save them for a future project.  Possibly more improv.  ;o)

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