Friday, October 7, 2016

Scrap Bag Fun

Do you do this?  Accumulate scraps from every project you've ever done, storing them away for some future use that never really comes?   One day you realize that those scraps have to go.
Here is my nemesis.  Yep, a sea of assorted strips, squares, tiny bits and cut offs from the last few years projects.  I am in the process of making charity kennel quilts for the small animals rescued from the storms in the South East from Hurricane Matthew.  This is the purrrrfect use of those strips and orphaned blocks I've had laying around.  Go here to find out more and join the quilt team.   This is my sewing room as it looks most days I work in it.  I am sorting all those scraps to get to the cut strips, ironing them and setting them aside to make the kennel quilts.  

Of course, charity quilts are just one way to use up those scraps.  I peruse my scrap bag whenever I want to try out a new technique and don't want to cut into a nice new piece of fabric.  Sometimes I get so tired of seeing the same piece of Aunt Grace 30's green print that I have to either give it away or (I hate to say it...) I end up trashing it so I don't have to look at it anymore.  It's part of the problem of buying a yard or more of sale fabrics as some sales require at least a yard cut.  
Scraps are also great for those small projects like pin cushions, crafts, scrappy quilts, improvisational piecing and sandwiches for practicing quilt stitch patterns.  
Reserve some time today to spend in your sewing room.  ;o) 

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