Friday, January 1, 2016

Postcards and Crocheted Socks

Quilted postcards are easy and quick to make.
Using just a few supplies, you can make some in less than an hour for your friends. Just affix a postage stamp and make sure they are not too thick and any embellishments are secured tightly.  Buttons without shanks are OK, beads are probably not a good choice, however, I did use a few beads here.

When I showed these to my DH he said,"Oh they look like the frozen character, Olaf"....Ugh.  Not what I was going for, but I see what he's saying.  It's hard to make them look whimsical without looking like something that's been done to death like a character in a movie. 
I've mailed them off and can only hope they get to their destination in one piece, beads and all. 
Onto another project...
It has been so cold here in Colorado this winter that I've changed gears and started crocheting again.  These are simple socks I made for DH and DS. They look masculine and are warm and comfortable.  I didn't use a pattern for these, just ch 5, sl st to make a round and start sc around increasing as you go.  I believe I had about 45 st by the time it was wide enough(of course, this is also dependant on how thick the yarn is) and I don't know how many rows.  Just go until you like how high they come on the leg.  I want to try leg warmers for myself.  My feet and legs are always cold. 

Happy New Year to you and hope this will be a productive one.  ;o)

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